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I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers, specially thanks David Brooks. He is very professional, patient, precise and efficient in the whole process. He solved my concerns perfectly. I do not think my case is easy to solve, but David tell me what to do every step of the way very methodically , I trust him a lot in the whole process. This is a very trustworthy law firm and a professional team of lawyers.

— Youming Liu, July 2022

I can’t thank Joanne and David Brooks enough for their help during the long process. I remember back in 2017 I had an initial consultation with Joanne after my self-applied visa was refused. I was devastated and lost so I consulted several lawyers to get a grasp of the reality. Joanne patiently looked through my documents, analysed my situation and offered a well-thought-out strategy. Joanne is very smart, articulate and empathetic. David was extremely helpful with the preparation. Doubts and gaps were raised clearly, emails were replied to quickly, and mountains of documents were organised perfectly. Joanne and David’s communication skills made complicated matters easy to understand and their professionalism helped me stay calm and confident throughout the interview. Again, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude for Joanne and David’s extraordinary work.

— Ya-wen Shih, August 2020

The first time I met Joanne and David, they were more than clear to me, obviously law is a profession of ways, not results, however, from my first meeting I was aware of all the possibilities could happen with my situation and even when I knew I would be putting too much at risk, there was something in Joanne and David that gave me that peace of mind and encouraged me to keep going.
I am so grateful to Joanne and David Brooks. I still do not have enough words to express my gratitude. I could not achieve my permanent residence without you. When you stuck with the best, you get the best possible outcome.

— Juan Camilo Montoya Albarracin, July 2020

Our daughter recently had her permanent residence visa cancelled and, after researching the best way to appeal this decision, we were recommended to approach Kinslor Prince Lawyers. We were immediately impressed by the professional manner in which the preliminary contact was dealt with by the firm, with a clear outline of the practical situation and the manner in which the appeal should be dealt with.
We do not hesitate to recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers in dealing with immigration matters. The efficient manner in which our case was dealt with by the firm leaves no doubt that, in cases where there is a sound basis for a positive outcome, Kinslor Prince Lawyers is well placed to obtain this.

— Pieter van Wijngaarden, August 2020

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their professional work! If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer – please, look no further! David Prince is the most professional and knowledgeable lawyer in practice. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration field – he is attentive and dedicated, and will treat your case/problem as his own. David and his staff are always available via email or phone, answers all questions in details, and during meetings – they are always prepared and will spend extra time with you. I am very glad I chose David Prince as my lawyer and highly recommend to use his services if you need help in your immigration process.

— Andrei Mirzac, April 2019

It was really a wonderful experience to deal with Mr David Prince. I am truly satisfied with his professionalism and integrity. My immigration matter was highly complicated but his expert approach, attention to detail and in-depth practical knowledge of Australian migration law made it so smooth and perfect that it was finalised by immigration department much earlier than average processing time of similar applications. I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers for an affordable, result-oriented and tailored service delivery.

— Shoaib Ishfaq, March 2019

Mr David Prince and his team at Kinslor Prince Lawyer have been very professional since the beginning. From our first consultation Mr Prince has been nothing but honest with us. He provided us with factual opinions, realistic expectations, and clear directions which made the whole process very simple to follow. Mr Prince understood our needs and sympathized with our situation which was very important to us. His paralegal team has been very patient with our case, especially at times when things were tough. Their attention to detail meant our case was well presented. Mr Prince and his team exceeded our expectations and changed our lives; our family was able to reunite 5 months ahead of schedule due to their excellent work. We would like to thank everyone at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their hard work.

— Wendy Han, November 2018

I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they delivered the results I needed. Mr David Prince was truly professional. He was very calculated. He had approached the case from the start with a strategy and steered my appeal to a success. The complexities of my case made it one that is not of standard nature; the demands of which would require the legal aid of someone with the knowledge and experience like Mr David Prince and his associate Mr David Brooks. Communication was always prompt. I am happy with the result of the AAT and I have managed to get my PR visa finally.

— Leonard Lim

It always gives me great pleasure to be able to write about my experience with Kinslor Prince Lawyers.
Back in 2013, with a seemingly impossible situation to resolve, I approached a well respected lawyer in Sydney. She listened carefully and concluded with absolute certainty … “you need David Prince!”. I took her guidance, thank god, and here we are in in 2017 having been through every obstacle that was put in our path. David and his team are the lawyers that other lawyers refer people to. There cant be a higher compliment than your peers sending people to you. In other words, when you need the best, you need David Prince. With David, you’ll get exactly what you need. A carefully, highly considered approach, and strategies that only some at the top of their profession would know about or know how to execute. Arguably the most important thing you will get is honesty. How refreshing is it for someone to cut though the confusion with honest so that you know exactly where you stand, even if you’re hiding a bit from the reality, you will still be given the truth and the fact whatever they may be, because of David’s high integrity.

— Andrew Berry, July 2017

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their excellent work and service in our struggle to obtain my mother, an elderly women of 94 years of age, a medicals treatment visa to live out her days in Australia. Despite the frustration and heartache, our efforts were continuous and our persistence with Kinslor Prince Lawyers finally paid off. We fought together for a cause we believed as just, and due to the efforts of all parties, in particular Joanne Kinslor our dream of obtaining habitancy for my mother in Australia was made a reality. Thank you Joanne for your honesty, professionalism, and work ethic. We are very grateful and you will always be in my thoughts.

— Maria Dolores Alquezar, May 2017

I am writing this just want to say thank you soooo much to Joanne Kinslor and your professioal team. My case has been the most complicated one which many of the other immigration agents dare not to touch. and one of the agent has referred your company to me. and that’s the best decision I made to engage Joanne be my lawyer and end up today, it’s a life changing result and I got my PR – your company did an impossible mission! Thank you so much Kinslor Prince Lawyers!

— Danielle Guo, May 2017

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful advice that you provided that day – although it was only 1 hour, it was the best $400 I have ever spent and has only totally changed my life.
Thank you again!

— Laurel Grey, September 2016

In our experience, David has been professional, extremely knowledgeable, providing good and clear advice with simple explanations (good for us lay people). The fact that we are based in Western Australia and David in Sydney did not matter at all. Importantly, David has been helpful taking our personal circumstances into account and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. As far as we are concerned, and regardless of the good results achieved in our case, David and Kinslor Prince Lawyers come highly recommended.

— Jorgen Schouten, April 2016

Joanne Kinslor and the team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers were able to take a very difficult set of facts and circumstances then present it to the Tribunal in a way that highlighted the strengths of our case and explained the weaknesses of it in a positive manner. The whole process was handed extremely professionally and the respect the firm has with the Department and the Tribunal was very reassuring. The hard work, time, and effort they put into our matter was great. We were always able to get through to someone who could answer our questions and reassure us when things weren’t good. The firm took a matter that we tried unsuccessfully to manage by ourselves and turned it around. My partner is now an Australian permanent resident and we are so glad we had Kinslor Prince on our side.

— Aaron and Magdalene, Partner Visa, December 2015

I was introduced to David Prince at a stage where my immigration matters had come to a standstill and I had little or no hope of gaining a 457 visa. There were many bumps along the way, which David had foreseen and prepared for. David and Alison were always a call or email away to answer my questions and reassure me all the right steps were taken in the application process. Having that peace of mind and knowing I was in the best hands possible gave me a lot of reassurance.
I cannot thank David and his team enough for literally changing my life. The professionalism and utmost commitment of Kinslor Prince Lawyers has enabled me to enjoy the rewards that come with the grant of a 457 visa. If you’re looking for immigration expertise, professionalism, honesty, an open door policy and attention to detail, then look no further as Kinslor Prince Lawyers are your one stop shop for immigration matters. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who’s looking for the best representation.

— Erisa Lluca, Skilled Migrant, October 2015

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they dealt with my issue professionally and were really helpful. They were understanding, explained every aspect of the matter, and were very quick with communicating any issues with me and helping me understand what was happening. They are highly skilful and I am truly thankful for their expertise and help. I was not only satisfied with their work but also very pleased with their strategy and attention to detail. I will recommend them to every friend and relative.

— Kamel Barakat, Skilled Migrant, May 2015

From my first meeting with David Prince six years ago my wife and I found him to be friendly, charming, and most of all welcoming, with a business-like manner. His professionalism, pleasant manner and legal expertise meant I knew I made the right choice to get a positive outcome for our visa applications. We were completely satisfied with the work and professionalism of David and all the staff at Kinslor Prince Lawyers.

— David Durber, April 2015

Due to the nature and complexity of my skills assessment review case, I almost lost my hope to furthermore move forward, initially. However, after having my meeting with Joanne Kinslor, I decided to take her advice and prepare the appeal as per her instructions. During the course of the appeal preparation, I was deeply impressed by the approach and professionalism presented by her. More importantly, her expertise of properly simplifying a complicated case, led to the final favorable result.

I wish to highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers due to the professional legal and migration service delivered by the firm. I would like to say thank you again for all the efforts and hard work that has been contributed to my case.

— Applicant for Skilled Migration - Skills Assessment Review, January 2015

We highly recommend Joanne Kinslor and her team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for helping us
achieve a successful outcome to our complex visa application. From the outset
and throughout Joanne and her team showed great professionalism, expertise and were
extremely approachable. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our case and for a
positive outcome.

— Aisling Gormley, Partner visa, January 2015

I just cannot helping saying thanks to Kinslor Prince Lawyers. Thanks so much for spending efforts and time on my case. Thanks so much for giving me the brand new life in Australia, I will be more positive to treasure my future life here. You are not only a great lawyer, but also great adviser on my brand new life.

— Applicant for partner visa - domestic violence, October 2014

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because this firm has a high level of service and dedication. When I fell into a problem where my permanent residence was at risk, one of my friends recommended to me this firm. I am happy that I went to this firm. It well understood and studied deeply my case, detailing its each and every aspect so as to get better result. This firm is highly professional. Joanne Kinslor and her team managed the complexity of my case to their expertise and solved my problem in a short time.
I am really thankful to this firm my solving my immigration matter.

— Harvinder Singh, Australian Permanent Resident, June 2014

When it comes to dealing with immigration matters, certainly I would like to recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to any person.

There is no lawyer who could have done a better job than Kinslor Prince. I want to thank Mr David Prince and his assistants. They have done such a brilliant job for me. I have achieved a great result. It will make great impacts on my future.

I met with serious challenges to be able to satisfy the character requirements of Australian citizenship. I had explained my issue to the Department by myself and eventually my application was refused. I realised that I needed a lawyer to help me. I sought legal advice from a few well known firms but finally I chose Kinslor Prince Lawyers as my representatives at the Tribunal. Firstly, they are absolutely experts and not just an immigration agent. They are also sophisticated law practitioners in the area of immigration law. They offer very a reasonable price for their excellent services.

— Peter Zhang, Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeal, April 2014

Joanne Kinslor and staff were very professional, kind and patient with me and my legal situation. I would give them 10 out of 10. I believe I would not have had a positive outcome without their help and persistence. I have already recommended them to several people in similar situation of migrating to this country. They were always honest and were in contact with me regularly to update me on any changes and progress. Thanks to Joanne and staff I am a permanent resident and I am almost positive I wouldn’t be without them.

— Sarah Burns, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

When I contacted Joanne Kinslor from Kinslor Prince Lawyers, it was one of the most desperate moments in my life as I had no idea if someone could help due to how complicated my case was.
Since first contact with Joanne she handled the whole situation which was very delicate with such professionalism that amazed me and gave me comfort as I knew that I had made the right decision and that my case was in very good hands. From the day I contacted Joanne it took only a couple of weeks to get my case sorted and to get my residency granted which I thought would never happen or that it would be another long battle after trying for over 10 years. I am so grateful to have had Joanne handling my case and have no words to say how important all that she has done for me, my case and my life, has been.

— Marcio Thiago, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

I came to Kinslor Prince Lawyers towards the end of the what had been a long PR application process and I wish I came to them sooner.
Immigration can be a difficult area to navigate, however, David Prince attended to my queries in a straightforward manner. He explained issues in terms that I understood and avoided “government” or “legal” jargon.

— Bryony Vandepeear, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

Kinslor Prince Lawyers are true professional and they have a very high level of knowledge about immigration issues. They explained and helped me to understand my case and were honest and efficient. When you are in detention you need someone to take care of you, they did that.

— Ermal Heta, September 2013

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they are professional, and very helpful in their expertise. They know what to do step by step in a very helpful and professional way, which gives you confidence.
In my opinion, Kinslor Prince Lawyers is the first choice if you ever come across a situation where you need a lawyer in this area.

— Zhijun Dong (Michelle), Skilled Migrant, July 2013

I would like to thank David Prince at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for the incredible for the incredible work he and his team did for me and my family.
Our situation was very difficult yet his capacity to analyse our situation and determine what should be done to help us was incredible.
We were initially despondent about our situation but when we appointed David we realised we had an ally by our side. This gave us great comfort and hope. Without him I am 100% sure we would not have got such a successful outcome.
At all times David was very intelligent, dilligent and helpful. Importantly he took the time to communicate to us the complexity of immigration law and to explain the processes. Appointing David and his team was the best thing we did with our immigration matter.

— Shaun Luttrell, Ministerial Appeal Applicant June 2013

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because Mr David Prince and the firm has provided incredible help on the most difficult problem I have ever met in my life. Without their help, I cannot imagine what my life is going to be.
In 2012 a disaster happened to my Visa and I found myself in an absolute hopeless situation. My family and I have been seeking for help from nearly ten different lawyers / firms and none of them saw any chance and they all refused to provide help. Only Mr Prince pointed out where the government had gone wrong and told me that “I think we have a case”. I would remember those words my entire life because no lawyer has ever said this to me.
My family and I all agreed that he is a real expert and an extremely wise man. He always knows exactly what we needed to do and what direction the case was going, and he always had everything under control.
My case was not only one court, but three continuous steps. All three steps were extremely difficult and almost impossible to achieve, however with Mr Prince and the firm’s effort, I have finally won all three of them. After I had my new visa, my mother cried and my father called it a miracle, and I said we had the right lawyer.

— Yin Sun, Overseas student, March 2013

Thank you so much – you are amazing and I cannot tell you how grateful I am! I am keen to keep the Australian film industry alive and thriving and this week you truly facilitated that.

— Bonnie Fay, Executive Producer Window Productions, May 2013

This testimonial is to attest to my satisfaction of the legal services rendered by Kinslor Prince Law Office in pursuing and finishing my legal needs.
Admittedly my legal case is out of the ordinary and complex, David Prince of Kinslor Prince Lawyers resolved the issue expeditiously, simply and with utmost professionalism.

— Alicia Diaz, Partner visa application May 2013

I would like to express my appreciation for your team on the efforts and sincerity in successfully handling our permanent residency visa application. I am aware about the hard work and dedication you have and congratulate you for your success.
Your work in this case brought together hope and inspiration to family members with disability issues.
You handled the situation with patience and compassion, yet with utmost perseverance and without doubt an exceptional legal counsel. Thank you for your incredible service and I give you my highest recommendation.

— Hazel Perez, Skilled visa Applicant, March 2013

Our application from the offset was a particularly challenging one and we have now successfully had our application approved all thanks to the professionalism, intelligence and hard work that was put into our visa. When we originally met with David Prince we were given a clear indication of what was required to be successful, the work we needed to undertake and what the part Kinslor Prince Lawyers would play in the process. Throughout the process we constantly felt that we were being kept informed of the progress, could ask any question big or small and the time was taken to explain things to us in detail. We were fully confident in the approach that was taken, the attention to detail and the expertise of the lawyers we were liaising with. Kinslor Prince Lawyers provide a professional, highly informative and friendly open service to their clients.

— Keira Kinahan, Applicant for permanent residence, February 2013

I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because I had great results with my difficult situation.
Joanne picked up crucial points that other people or immigration firms never had thought about and made my application successfully granted with professional knowledge and skills.
This is important because Joanne always finds a solution and makes applications successful even in a difficult case.

— Steven Han, January 2013

Kinslor Prince Lawyers are a highly recommended firm to deal with. They are professional and very knowledgeable in the immigration law field and are lovely people to deal with in what is often difficult personal situations. Our case was handled in a respectful and expedient manner and the outcome was fantastic and faster than expected. We highly recommend David and could not be happier with the result we obtained by using this firm. A++!

— James Rosen- Evans and Mathy Manaog, Partner visa application, December 2012

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they are the best in the business when it comes to immigration law!
Kinslor Prince Lawyer’s accredited specialist team possess in depth knowledge and years of experience in Immigration Law which helped me to achieve success with my application. I was confident that the intricacies of immigration law can be best dealt with by someone who is known for their skills and experience.
I thank you for achieving a great result for me with your professionalism, knowledge, expertise and excellent service.

— Naeem Iqbal, Judicial Review Applicant, June 2012

I know Mr David Prince when I joined MIA 6 years ago and David was my mentor. Since the, I have been seeking advice from David for various migration issues. Recently I had a MRT case that i was not capable to do and I contacted David and asked for help. After providing the relevant information about the case David instantly formed an opinion that it was not necessary for my client to attend the MRT hearing so as to save time and money. After receiving a letter prepared by David with relevant Migration Regulations quoted in his letter the Tribunal set aside the decision under review.
I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because of the professionalism, accurate advice, smooth communication and very reasonable charges. In my client’s case it could have been more costly or time consuming if the client did not engage David in this case.

— Eric Ip, Migration Agent MARN 0533968, March 2012

On behalf of Spectrum Immigration Services, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the advice, assistance and guidance which you provide in regards to the vast array of immigration issues. Your expert knowledge and professional demeanour when we approach you for advice not only makes a stressful situation much easier but it has also allowed our team to develop their strategic thinking and approaches to various immigration issues. We are certainly happy to recommend your firm to anyone in Melbourne and particularly those requiring specialist immigration advice.

— Mary Hanna, Practice Manager, Spectrum Immigration Services, February 2012

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because the services by them was top notch, excellent and absolutely outstanding. It isn’t just the professional relationship that matters, however the personal human connection the solicitors at Kinslor Prince Lawyers encompass and offer. David’s kind and friendly personality making me feel at ease in an unsettling time and his reassurance and professional manner was greatly appreciated.

— Betty Buyankhishig and Jack Tsderendorj, applicants before the Migration Review Tribunal, February 2012

I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers as they have a top-notch level of professionalism in dealing with their client. They tailor their services to meet the needs of each of their clients.
They are very effective in the provision of the most up-to-date information on my case as well as other relevant legal matters that surrounds it. In addition, whenever I have any questions, they never fail in giving me a 24 hour response. Every member at the practice is friendly and always ready to help. Well done staff of Kinslor Prince Lawyers.

— Winne So, graduate skilled visa applicant, January 2012

During the past 2 years Kinslor Prince has assisted my family in completing a successful outcome in regards to my parent’s visa process. Along the way Joanne, David and the rest of the team had demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and patience with all the queries and issues my family had.
I would be more than happy to recommend their services to anyone seeking legal advice and assistance in immigration matters.

— Alexander Martinez, parent visa sponsor, January 2012

I am Noaman Noun and my wife Wafaa Toufailli would like to thank Mr David Prince because he helped us a lot to be here together in Australia and without him my wife Wafaa will be till now still at Lebanon.

— Noaman Noun, spouse visa sponsor, September 2011

We used the services of Kinslor Prince Lawyers for a complex application for a temporary then permanent visa for my partner.
David Prince acted on our behalf.
From the outset he advised that our circumstances were difficult, but not impossible.
He patiently guided us through sections of the immigration act that were applicable to our case. He was able to explain that there was some hope, with a detailed and carefully prepared application. We were impressed with his knowledge and followed his instructions to the letter. There were several approval stages that we required and one by one, these approvals were granted. At the final interview, before my partner was granted her temporary visa, our case officer made the comment that our application was the best he had seen.

— John Craig, sponsor for complex spouse visa application, September 2011

I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers as I had a successful outcome for my grandmother’s case when it seemed impossible to turn the case around. Kinslor Prince Lawyers was my last resort and I felt that I came to the right place from my first consultation with their professionalism and confidence in their knowledge of immigration law.
I was so impressed and could see a silver lining as the lawyer picked an important issue which no one (else) could point out.
They answered all my questions clearly and informatively before I decide to place the case with them.
While they undertake my grandmother’s case they worked as efficiently as possible and finally won the case over the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship).
My grandmother now has a new opportunity to appeal to the MRT (Migration Review Tribunal).
Do no leave the case in your hands especially when it is complicated and hard. You could make it even harder and more complicated as I did. Leave it to the expert before you go far away.

— Julia Choe, complex lodgement at Migration Review Tribunal, September 2011

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they took time to understand the complexities of my case, paid attention to the details and requirements and lodged my application with their professional preparation.
I was impressed by their friendly approach. This has helped in our ongoing communications during the preparation period.

— Rev Soon Teck Lim, permanent skilled visa applicant, September 2011

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to anyone that needs the services of an extremely talented immigration law firm. My experience with this firm was second to none. I feel very lucky to have been referred to Kinslor Prince for my immigration difficulties. I found them to have a great sense of passion for their work. Kinslor Prince always explained issues in my case in depth and when I did not understand things they had time and patience to explain more. Any emails or phone calls I made were attended to very quickly.
I am very happy with the whole staff at Kinslor Prince. They are a firm that is very professional with a great deal of integrity.

— Simon Benefield, September 2011

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because of their level of immigration expertise and knowledge in handling my permanent residency visa here in Australia. I am very satisfied and pleased with their professionalism, the good communications between us client and agent, the over-all cost transparency and their helpful legal advice on my application which was always driven with the least effort and the best approach for success scheme. Their attention to details on my case showed that they have carefully reviewed my case prior to lodging.
I and my family’s permanent residency application had been lodged successfully within acceptable time frame with no worry following their guidance and organised step by step procedure at my convenience.

— Arnold Peregrino, skilled visa applicant, July 2011

I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they helped me and my son to overcome the unfair situation which could have happened to us.
I sought legal advice from many well known legal firms but they could not deliver positive results and later informed me it was impossible. The only firm to take this challenge and start providing me professional advice was Kinslor Prince Lawyers. They had ample knowledge of Australian legal formalities and procedures and assisted me in a very professional manner during this difficult time.
They have a commendable network of professionals and a friendly and well-focused staff who promptly responded to our needs efficiently. I believe they have higher degree of ability, professionalism and knowledge of immigration law of Australia to bring positive outcome in difficult immigration situation. Therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to anyone who seeks legal advice in Australian immigration matters.

— Kolitha de Silva, applicant before the Migration Review Tribunal, May 2011

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they are very professional, always efficient and very experienced with what they do.
They really look after their clients and put our priorities and interest as their goal.
They take time to understand every detail needed to make sure they have a good understanding of our situation.
Overall, we were very satisfied with the service we received and would definitely recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers.

— James Lau, business visa applicant, February 2011

Ms Joanne Kinslor and Mr David Prince are the most professional lawyers I have ever met. They took our case at our most difficult time when our case had been refused 5 times. They gave us hope. Our case succeeded mainly for the reason that our documents were very well prepared by Joanne and David. They reviewed our case very specifically and in detail and did not miss any information that would help our case.

— Mian Mian Jing, Protection Visa Applicant, June 2010